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Three raw perches

Fresh & Local Lake Erie Fish in Windsor-Essex County

Caught fresh on the Kimmy Sue daily, we offer a large selection of Lake Erie Fish in Windsor-Essex County! Choose Dockside Fisheries for your favourite fishes today!

Yellow Perch

Available Fresh or Frozen Medium Butterfly Cut Medium Split Cut Also Available in large or Jumbo


Available fresh or frozen Fillet sizes : 2-4 4-6 6-8 Round/Dressed Size- medium 1lbs-3lbs large 4lbs-5lbs or Jumbo 5lbs +


Available fresh,frozen or smoked fillet sizes- 4oz-6oz 6oz-8oz 8oz-10oz or whole (S,M,L,J)

White Perch

Availible Fresh or Frozen Fillet size- Small-Medium-Large Round Medium/Large

White Bass

Available fresh or frozen Fillet-Medium/Large Round-Medium/Large


Fresh/Frozen Dressed or Butterflied.

Fried smelt fish with lemon slices in a black pan

Want to Indulge in Lake Fish?

We deliver fresh and frozen fish from Lake Erie to your doorstep.

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