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Fresh salmon fish fillet on wooden board

High-protein Ocean Fish Supplier in Windsor-Essex County

WIld and farm raised salt water fish from North America and around the world. Get the fish of your choice in Windsor-Essex County. Reach out to your trusted ocean fish supplier - Dockside Fisheries.


All cuts and sizes available, Wild Sockeye Wild Chum/Keta Atlantic Salmon


Available in all sizes, Fillet or Loins, Fresh or Frozen.


Canadian and Norwegian, Comes in Loins, fillet, skin on or off, or salted.


All varieties, available in Fillet, fresh or frozen.


Available Fresh or Frozen, Fillet or Round.


Fresh/Frozen Available round or dressed.

Mackerel/King Mackerel

Available Round. sizes range from small to large.

Sea Bream/Branzino

Fresh or frozen from Greece available round or fillets.

Orange Roughy

Fresh or Frozen Fillets.

Oreo Dory

Product of New Zealand, Comes in vac pac frozen.


Fresh or Frozen. Fillet or Round, comes small/med/round.

Skate Wing

MSC certified. comes fresh or frozen, skinless.

Icelandic Haddock Fillets

Taste International Fishes

Get unprocessed sea fish that keep up with all sustainable standards.

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